‘you camped out in my mind and told me evil things’

Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation
(Fat Possum, 2011)

Bedroom projects are not usually known to have an immense amount of personality, so The Year of Hibernation acts as the exception that proves the rule.  22-year-old Trevor Powers is Youth Lagoon, but Youth Lagoon is only a part of Trevor Powers.  The tracks here represent the part of Powers he cannot express any other way.  Feelings of rejection, anxiety and loneliness act as a base for a sad nostalgia for simpler years.  These songs will likely most resonate with an audience in their teens and early-20’s, but if you have ever been uncomfortable in your own skin, if you have ever felt like you are the only one that doesn’t belong…if you can remember those awkward years between being a kid and being whatever comes next, you will find something familiar and comforting in these songs.

Youth LagoonAfternoon

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