‘cut my throat and bury me in the ditch that I belong to’

Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground
(SideOneDummy, 2011)

Continuing my practice of discovering artists in the ‘alt/country/folk/punk/rock’ camp way after the fact, I have recently discovered Chuck Ragan. The former lead singer for Hot Water Music has been releasing material in one form or another for over 15 years now, but Covering Ground is the first I have heard of him.  I have made no secret of my love for whiskey-and-nails vocalists such as Ben Nichols, Michael Dean Damron, CooleyHood, and pretty much anyone on Suburban Home Records and now I can add Chuck Ragan to that list.  Some say the songs contained within this record are his best to date, but I’m not going to take their word for it.  I’m very much looking forward to discovering what I’ve been missing all these years!

Chuck RaganNothing Left To Prove

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