‘life is short, but it feels much longer’

Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones
(Epitaph, 2011)

Frank Turner is an English singer-songwriter with a folksy sound and a punk rock attitude.  In fact, way before I had ever heard his name, he released an EP entitled Campfire Punkrock.  I can’t think of a better label to explain so much of the music I’ve been into these days.  In fact, campfire punkrock could apply to almost any release from Suburban Home RecordsFrank Turner isn’t on Suburban Home, but I’m pretty sure I came to this artist the same way I did that local label, through Nine Bullets.  I have been hooked on these songs that recall The Pogues, Billy Bragg and even Frightened Rabbit ever since I heard the ironic anthem Glory Hallelujah with its anti-revival course ‘there is no God, so clap your hands together, there is no God, no heaven and no hell!‘.  But like Nine Bullets, I have failed to write anything about this album until now.  Anyway, I figured better late than never and really, it’s not too late…Frank will be in town with Andrew Jackson Jihad on Friday and I highly recommend you bone up on this latest release and do a little research into his back catalogue before showing up at the Marquis Theater.  I made the mistake of showing up too late to catch his opening set for Lucero and Social D last time, I don’t plan on making that mistake twice and either should you.

Frank TurnerPeggy Sang the Blues

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