‘he wanna leave but he don’t know how’

The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient
(Secretly Canadian,2011)

Slave Ambient is my sleeper album of the year.  The more I listen to this album, the more I feel like I’m getting lost in the deep caverns that exist beneath the reverb.  Call it folk, americana, blues — it doesn’t matter, because whatever it is, it is there and it is some powerful stuff.  Kurt Vile has done well for himself since he left the band, but where his solo material comes across as too sleepy for my taste, Adam Granduciel has taken The War On Drugs to the next level with this sophomore album.  The layers of psychedelic fuzz that coat the majority of songs are never overbearing, and the fact they exist at all make their absence on songs like album closer, Black Water Falls, highlight what Granduciel‘s vocals can achieve.  Such a strong release from such a young band.

The War on DrugsBaby Missiles

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