‘some people were just meant to be a memory’

Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong
(ATO, 2011)

Growing up I always wondered how my parents got from Led Zeppelin and The Doors to the Eagles and James Taylor.  At what point did they go from being rebellious teenagers watching live music in Golden Gate Park to yuppies listening to music in the car on their way to work?  I harbored a secret fear that one day this would happen to me and now  I believe that day has come.  Why does it feel so wrong recommending Nothing Is Wrong?  Because some of these songs sound actually remind me of the EaglesJackson Browne is on one of these songs! I can almost feel myself aging as I listen to this (soft?!!) rock music.  But at the same time, I can’t fight it.  There is something I like about the subtle lyrics, the causal kick drum and the light strum of the guitar.   There is something relaxing about this album, it’s good hangover music.

Ok, enough!  I’m off to listen to something really loud from the late 80’s — remind myself what it felt like to be young!

DawesTime Spent In Los Angeles

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