‘you’re just dead people who didn’t die yet’

Louis C.K. – Hilarious
(Comedy Central, 2011)

If you watch Louie, you already know Louis C.K. is taking the sitcom (if you can even call it that) to somewhere it has never been before.  He spent a whole episode setting up one joke — a joke that was so devastatingly heartbreaking that you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Rude, crude, self-aware and pathetic are all words that can be used to describe Louis‘ onstage and on camera persona — with how personal most of his material is (his divorce, his kids, his sex life), you have to believe that what you are seeing is the true LouisChuck Klosterman said if he had kids, Louiswould resonate so deeply I’d almost be afraid of it‘.  Well, I am a parent and Louis makes me realize that I am not alone.  I mean, who hasn’t wanted to call their 3 year old a motherfucker?  C’mon, if you deny that, you’re lying to yourself!

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