‘I need someone who won’t faint when I go insane’

Wise Blood – These Wings
(Dovecote, 2011)

When I first heard the ‘+’ EP from the enigmatic Wise Blood back in September of last year, I mistakenly grouped the sounds in with the chillwave/witch house projects that were prevalent at the time.  I could have never imagined that this was the work of a blonde haired, blue eyed, Hawaiian shirt wearing dude from Texas.  After seeing him live (and I mean live!) in San Francisco a few months ago, I have a very hard time hearing the music the way I did when all I had to go on was the grainy, black-and-white photo on the cover of his last EP.  With These Wings there is no need to pretend Christopher Laufman is anything but what he is.  Songs like Loud Mouths and Penthouse Suites showcase a kid who is one-part white hip-hop hope and one part computer geek.  He recently tweeted that he believes he is on the verge of something big, and while These Wings might not be that something, it does take us down the next mile on the road to the success that he is navigating.  Now, if he can just stop with the drunken status updates, or at least stand by them instead of deleting them the next morning!