‘your words make very private scars’

Loss – Despond
(Profound Lore, 2011)

This is doom metal, there will be no mistaking it for anything else.  The band is Loss, the album is Despond and the first 10 minute track is call Open Veins To A Curtain Closed.  This is not meant to be happy music, but don’t let all the labels scare you away.  I truly believe these ten tracks can be enjoyed by the majority of my audience here at ILSUDH2, just as much as those guys over at Mile High Metal.  There are ‘cookie monster’ vocals peppered throughout the album, but they are not overbearing.  They really add essence to the doom.  Think of this album as the soundtrack to you favorite horror movie.  Just like the film, there are the blood and guts scenes — the gore and the grime, but the majority of the record lays in suspense; the dread of what hides in the darkness.  I don’t mean to take anything away from these guys, but I do believe this album will be a little too progressive for the doom purists and just right for that crossover crowd.  If you are a fan of dark music, you will enjoy this album.

LossCut Up, Depressed And Alone

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