‘took my heart away and left me to bleed out’

Cults – Cults
(In The Name Of, 2011)

It seems a little strange to be recommending Cults debut album now.  I feel like I have been listening to most of these songs for a over a year now — probably because I have.  Go Outside was one of my favorite songs of summer last year and I’m pretty sure Madeline performed the majority of this album on her birthday at Fun Fun Fun Fest last November, but the actual album was just released in June.  So here we are, over half way through 2011 and I am recommending the new Cults album.

This album isn’t for everyone and isn’t for every occasion.  It is sweet, it is girlie, it is almost annoyingly innocent.  Lacing audio clips of actual cults does nothing to add any sense of danger or maturity to this album.  Even when Madeline drops the f-bomb in Never Heal Myself, it’s cute in the way a little kid using profanity in the correct context is cute. This is album is Sweet 16 vocals over simple indie pop hooks with lyrics that go ‘I knew right then that I’d been abducted, I knew right then that he would be taking my heart, I knew right then no one was above him, I knew right then that he would be breaking my heart‘.

So why do I like it?  Simple, it sounds good.  This is an album for a summer-of-innocence that can never exist.  With all the dark, deep, depressing music I listen to, sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and escape the real world. There are many bands making this type of girl-group throwback music, but for my money Cults are doing it better than the rest.

CultsGo Outside

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