‘the combination made my eyes bleed’

Wugazi – 13 Chambers
(self-released, 2011)

Obviously this album layers Wu-Tang rhymes over Fugazi post-rock to create the ultimate tribute to the early 90’s.  What might not be so obvious before listening to the album is how well these diverse groups fit together.  Like Danger Mouse and Jaydiohead before them, Cecil Otter, Swiss Andy, Plain Ole Bill and Adam Constable have taken mash-up art to a whole other level with 13 Chambers.  An unnecessary reminder of how fucking good Fugazi were, along with a walk through all the Wu and Wu-related projects, this is more than a mixtape, it is a history lesson.  I’m pretty confident Wugazi will be on repeat all summer!

WugaziSleep Rules Everything Around Me

Download mixtape here.