‘trying to smile through gritted teeth’

Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
(Matador, 2011)

A hardcore concept album concerning a heartbroken factory worker?  An 80 minute album of epic proportions from a band that was known for 7″‘s overflowing with screw-you-in-your-face political punk rock just a few short years ago?  The end, right?  They literally fucked up, right?  What’s next, a Broadway play à la American Idiot?

These are the questions that ran through my mind as the 18 mp3s that make up the 4 Acts in David Comes to Life sat molding on my hard drive.  Fucked Up provided the catalyst for my return to hardcore music — one of the most impressive live acts out there, they really took hardcore and made it interesting again. Knowing this was an album that would have to be consumed in one sitting, it was hard to find the time and appetite to embark on this endeavor.  Fear of disappointment and indigestion plagued me.  It turns out I should have given Pink Eyes and his Canadian crew more credit. This album is long, it is epic and there are times I would call it alternative rock (gasp!) more than hardcore, but I have now spent more than 10 hours of my life reliving David‘s journey and I don’t regret one minute of it!

That being said, if you are a punk rock purist looking for something different and you just can’t stomach what’s going on here, I recommend checking out Poor Lily (throwback punk), Touché Amoré (melodic hardcore), IceAge (post-post-punk) and The Men (noise punk).

Fucked UpServe me Right
Poor Lily800 Jerks
Touché AmoréPathfinder
IceAgeWhite Rune
The MenLotus

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