‘it’s funny until it happens to you’

Eilen Jewell – Queen of the Minor Key
(Signature Sounds, 2011)

My precious blogging time has been hijacked by ‘real’ world responsibilities.  These commitments in faraway lands like Park City, Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco seem to multiply with every task I complete.  Even today, on the day of rest, I can’t seem to find the time to write.  The one good thing about this?  Time on an airplane = time discovering new music.  And new music has been discovered.  Queen of the Minor Key is just the first in a few album recommendations coming your way in the next couple days.  Eilen Jewell was born in the wrong decade in Boise, ID and she just might be the antidote to my jet exhaustion.  Joining the likes of Alela Diane, Julia Stone, Ida Maria, Feist and Chan Marshall, Eilen Jewell is this year’s smooth sedative in those lonely hotels rooms far away from home.

Eilen JewellQueen of the Minor Key

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