‘to have been of the earth seems irrevocable’

How To Dress Well – Just Once
(Love Letters Ink, 2011)

Love Remains is a hard listen.  It is anger and pain and beauty hidden under layers and layers of noise.  It was almost as if Tom Krell wanted to express himself without exposing himself.  Hiding under a blanket of distortion and feedback, Krell used the lo-fi format to shield himself (or maybe the listener) from the anguish bestowed upon him.  That album was inspired by his best friend, Ryan Hutchon, who passed away before the album was released.  The Suicide Dream series continued after his death with a ‘washed-out, spaceySuicide Dream 3 which will be included on How To Dress Well‘s next album.  In the meantime we have Just Once — a orchestral recording of all three Suicide tracks alongside a reworked Decisions— a living memorial to Ryan‘s life and untimely death.  Stripped of machines and cold technology, Krell‘s fatal falsetto is brought back to life and made to let shine by members of the Magik Magik Orchestra .  The tracks on this EP much more resemble his cover of R. Kelly‘s I Wish than anything on Love Remains.

The EP will be available as a 10″ release by Yourstru.ly‘s new Love Letters Ink imprint and will be limited to 1,000 copies.  This physical release will be available on July 21st, but the digital version is available now.  $1 of each physical sale will benefit MindFreedom.org.