Wugazi = Doomtree + Wu-Tang + Fugazi = Awesome

In these days when most are too jaded to even waste their time claiming ‘hip-hop is dead’, the Minneapolis-based Doomtree collective continue to put out exciting releases from P.O.S., Dessa and most recently Simms.  Today they leaked the first track off their Wugazi project.  Joining the likes of Danger Mouse‘s Grey Album and Jaydiohead‘s mixtapes, Sleep Rules Everything Around Me is a mash-up of Wu-Tang and Fugazi.  The mix makes perfect sense when you realize Doomtree‘s background is just as punk rock as it is hip-hop. Check out the first track below.  Look for the full release on 7/13/11.  And don’t miss their show at The Fox Theatre on Thursday!

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI