R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

1949 – 2011

Just over a year after Gil Scott-Heron reintroduced himself to the world with the raw, soulful I’m New Here and less than a year after he collaborated with Jamie xx on the remix, We’re New Here, he has departed our world.  Details are yet to be released on what happened to the 62 year old legend, but there is no doubt he will be missed.  The man who was known as much for his personal tribulations as for his insightful poetry and influence on hip-hop went 16 years without releasing new material due to personal afflictions, as well as legal problems.  But when he came back on the scene with New York Is Killing Me, artists, critics and fans new and old could not find words worthy to praise the man that wrote The Revolution Will Not Be Televised some 40 years earlier.  Having touched and influenced fans and artists over 4 decades, Gil Scott-Heron will be mourned by many.