‘in a moment of weakness, I sold my soul’

Michael Dean Damron – Plea From a Ghost
(Suburban Home, 2011)

Portland, Oregon‘s Michael Dean Damron and his band I Can Like Any Sonofabitch In The House are members of a select group of songwriters and bands who are keeping the art of storytelling alive.  Take me to a clearing in the woods, a campfire, a rucksack, a case of beer, a few guitars and Michael, Ben Nichols, Jason Isbell, Mike Cooley, Jon Snodgrass, Chad Price, Timothy Showalter, the Kneiser’s and Micah Schnabel and I’ll show you something Coachella and Bonnaroo can’t touch.  These are the working musicians.  If you really want to know what is happening in this country of ours, don’t turn to CNN.  Don’t look to Kerouac to find out what’s happening on the road, dude died 42 years ago!  If you really want to know what is going on beyond those dual pane windows, beyond the buildings, the city limits and county lines, up and over those mountains, you need look no further than these modern day raconteurs.

I really wanted to recommend this album based on my experience with the vinyl and a glass of whiskey, but my favorite local label, Suburban Home Records, has informed me it might be a couple weeks until I have the physical product in my hand and I am enjoying these tales of lost souls, goddamn devils and the dark of the night too much to wait.  If you like ICLASOBITH, you will like this album.  It’s striped down to the bare essentials, as you’d expect from a solo album, but I dare you to test it’s strength.  My money is on Michael single-handedly licking any son of a bitch in the house who steps to him!

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