Pretend Orphans is now Mile High Metal

As you have probably noticed ILSUDH2 has had a growing ‘extreme music’ presence.  In fact, metal and hardcore have become the prominent genre on this site; a site that started out as something completely different.  For this reason I have decided to re-purpose the dormant Pretend Orphans for something I am calling Mile High Metal.

Mile High Metal will be a sister site to ILSUDH2.  Some of the posts that appear here will also appear there and vice versa.  The difference between the two sites is that Mile High Metal will focus on ‘extreme’ music genres such as metal, hardcore and other dark experimental projects.  The primary purpose of Mile High Metal will be to bring together the large population of metalheads in Denver and across the Front Range.

The goal is to make this a collaborate effort; opening up the site (via e-mail and dropbox methods to start) to anyone who wants to post live reviews, photos, videos and setlists from local shows.  If you want to share your experience with an album, artist, band, etc…we will post those as well.  Mile High Metal is going to become a metablog of sorts; a single, one-stop shop for everything extreme in the Mile High City.

As we know, not every tour comes through Denver, so we will be opening the blog up to visitors from around the counry (and even the world) to share  the events that we might miss out on.  If you have been following along you already know we have an incredible resource, Genji, in L.A.

This site is going to be what you make it, but I believe it fills a huge gap in a large community of like-minded individuals in the Denver area.

The 1.0 version of Mile High Metal will reside at until I have the time to transfer it over to its proper home at the  After that happens we will investigate an ‘open’ site that does not rely on e-mail and dropboxes to submit your material.  Please go ‘like’ Mile High Metal on Facebook and bear with us while we grow this into Mile High’s #1 Metal Recourse!


K Martini