‘your imperfection benefits no one’

This guest post comes from Mike Scarola from New York.  Mike sends out a weekly (or monthly) e-mails that resemble the distribution list ILSUDH2 sent out before creating this blog.

There’s something about guitar distortion that speaks to me. It started the first time I heard Communication Breakdown from Led Zeppelin. The opening riff hooked me immediately and I’ve been an addict ever since. My appetite for all that is distorted led me to discover metal, punk, alternative, shoegaze and anything else that had the gain on 11. If a song starts with some fuzz and crunch, I’m hooked.

So when I heard the opening riff to Yuck’s title track off their recently released Rubber, I was instantly hooked. I love bands that are able to derive melody and harmony out of the cacophony of pure distorted bliss. This track has deep roots in the sound of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and the Mary Chain. Just like how Bilinda Butcher’s soft voice gave Kevin Shields’ heavily distorted guitar the perfect compliment in MBV, Yuck’s chief songwriter Daniel Blumberg’s lazy vocal delivery pairs perfectly with the slow paced guitar fuzz on this track. This song is steeped in mood and emotion as the riff just chugs along, building layers of feedback on top of the fuzz.  To put it directly, this is a great song to rock out to while in an “altered” state.

Yuck is a band of kids from New Jersey, Hiroshima and London who have been likened to Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and the aforementioned My Bloody Valentine. Considering that the average age in the band is around 20 years old, they pull off the late 80‘s/early 90’s sound without sounding like a clone or copy cat. They sound like they just discovered classics like Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, MBV’s Loveless and Dinosaur Jr’s Your Living All Over Me and successfully went for that type of vibe. And since those are some of my favorite albums, that suits me just fine.

So here is Yuck with Rubber. It’s the title track off their recently released album. The rest of the album has a catchier vibe, but this is the track that I’ve played every day since I bought the album last week. DISCLAMER, this video is very odd and at some points, gross….NSFW.  But what else would you expect from a band named Yuck, right? Give it a chance and let the fuzz sink in. Hopefully, you’ll be a fan like me.

Yuck Rubber

  3 comments for “‘your imperfection benefits no one’

  1. eric
    January 8, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    yes. exactly. i heard the same connection to my bloody valentine. its funny you use the word fuzz. i always say listening to this stuff is like having the musical version of a warm fuzzy blanket pulled over you.

    whats also cool is this video itself makes a statement. it is 360p but looks really clear, means they denoised and encoded it perfectly. they also went out of their way to insert a higher bitrate audio stream than what 360p videos normally have.

    • Mike
      January 9, 2012 at 10:26 am

      Great observation about the video, as I wasn’t aware of that. And fuzz has some warm feel to it for me as well. Especially the old My Bloody Valentine stuff. Thanks for replying

  2. Tom
    March 4, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Great narrative and great song!!! Video is rather odd, but interesting none-the-less.

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