‘never told her where the fear comes from’

James Blake – James Blake
(A&M / ATLAS, 2011)

All I ever wanted was to find some electronic music with personality.

Sure, we live in an age of technology and we all interact with LCD screens much more than living beings. Sure, the (arguably) best rock group on the planet seems to have forgotten they have a guitarist in the band. But is it too much to ask for some humanity, something ‘real’ in the music?

Evidently, there is a 22-year old in England that not only asked those questions, he produced the answer…and luckily for him, I wasn’t the only one waiting.

James Blake doesn’t only give his beats an identity, he puts his heart and soul into intelligent lyrics and somehow achieves what once seemed impossible…he gives dubstep a soul.

James Blake Limit To Your Love

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