‘light eyes and dark minds and feel nothing’

Chelsea Wolfe – The Grime And The Glow
(Pendu Sound, 2010)

It’s fitting that I recommend Chelsea Wolfe‘s debut album, The Grime And The Glow, on the coldest day I have ever experienced.  As I sit in my basement office wrapping up my work day, I have the album on the turntable and it’s providing the perfect soundtrack to the darkening of the white day, mirroring my melancholy as the temperature drops from a high of -1 down to -15.

It’s also fitting that this post would follow my review of Burzum‘s new album.  Chelsea‘s voice first entered my world through a cover of Burzum’s Black Spell of Destruction.  And while Fallen and The Grime And The Glow couldn’t be more different, there are similarities that cannot be overlooked.  Both albums have a way of getting into your subconscious and putting you in a trace-like state.  Putting a ‘spell‘ on you is how Varg put it.  And Chelsea has put a spell on me for sure.  Her voice whispering not-so-sweet nothings in your ear will have you giving yourself over without a struggle only to find yourself violently rejected on (hard to listen to) tracks like Deep Talks and The Whys.

The plan was to recommend this album back in December when it was released, but Pendu Sound took their time shipping my vinyl to me and I really wanted to experience it the right way before putting it out there.  I downloaded the mp3 version, but always listened to it at the wrong time (like on the way back from skiing with the family) and I just knew this was something I needed to experience in the cave on the turntable.  Today turned out to be the perfect day for such a ritual.

I wrote quite a bit about Chelsea last month, so please refer to The Black Waves of Chelsea Wolfe for more information and then go get this album, find somewhere warm and listen to it by yourself in the dark.  It’s not an easy listen, but the best kind arn’t.

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