from the basement vol. 1

Slightly below the real world, in my real life, I work as a Sales Engineer for a software company.  My days are spent in a home office in my basement in Colorado.  This isn’t a windowless, dungeon type of basement as you can see by the photo above, but sometimes the music that escapes up the stairs (via my iPod) or over my DSL connection (via this blog) might sound like it came from a one of those dark underground lairs you see on CSI or Criminal Minds.  But I assure you the most sinister activity going on down here is that of a qualified Sales Engineer pretending to be an unqualified music critic.

Most of my days are spent returning e-mails, designing disaster recovery solutions and reviewing proposals.  Eight to ten hours a day I am here, doing my ‘real’ job and listening to music.  A hundred or so songs pass through itunes and out my Klipsch desktop speakers each day.  Tens of thousands of songs a year.

I have decided to share these songs with you in the form of mixtapes.  Every month a series of tapes will be posted.  These tapes will include songs that I discovered during the month past.  I envision the tapes being broken down by genre or general flow and feel.  Some months there will be 2 tapes, some months 5, some might only have 1…each will be around 60 mins long.  Just gonna go with the flow and release those tracks I deem worthy, the tracks that deserve to breathe fresh air, the tracks that deserve to see the sky through something other than an egress window.

TAPE010111 (folk/rock/alt-country)
The DecemberistsRise To Me
The King Is Dead (Capitol, 2011)
The Head and the HeartDown in the Valley
no official release
Anaïs Mitchell ft. Justin VernonIf It’s True
Hadestown (Righteous Babe, 2010)
Drag The RiverHere’s To The Losers
2010 Demons (Suburban Home, 2010)
Two Cow GarageJackson, Don’t You Worry
Sweet Saint Me (Suburban Home, 2010)
Two Cow GarageSoundtrack To My Summer
Sweet Saint Me (Suburban Home, 2010)
Social DistortionBakersfield
Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (Epitaph, 2011)
Drive-By TruckersUsed To Be A Cop
The Go-Go Boots (ATO, 2011)
Iron & WineWalking Far From Home
Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner Bros., 2011)
J. MascisNot Enough
Several Shades Of Why (Sub Pop, 2011)
Iron & WineTree By The River
Daytrotter Studio, 1/12/2011
Dylan LeBlanc5th Avenue Bar
Paupers Field (Rough Trade, 2010)
The DecemberistsJanuary Hymn
The King Is Dead (Capitol, 2011)
Ben Nicholsuntitled
no official release

TAPE010211 (black metal)
Agalloch – Into the Painted Grey
Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Lore, 2010)
Lantlôs – Coma
.Neon (Prophecy Productions, 2010)
Nachtmystium – Ruined Life Continuum
Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II (Century Media, 2010)
Alcest – Percées de lumière
Écailles de Lune (Prophecy Productions, 2010)
Twilight – Fall Behind Eternity
Monument To Time End (Southern Lord, 2010)
Winterfylleth – The Ruin
The Mercian Sphere (Candlelight, 2010)
Watain – Reaping Death
Lawless Darkness (Season of Mist, 2010)
Enslaved – Raidho
Axioma Ethica Odini (Nuclear Blast, 2010)
Deathspell Omega – Apokatastasis Panton
Paracletus (Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2010)

Download individual tracks by right-clicking and ‘save as’ or download the full tape as a .ZIP file.  These are for preview purposes only, if you like what you hear…go buy it!

  3 comments for “from the basement vol. 1

  1. the kenner
    January 24, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Why does the metal artist list read like a JRR Tolkien novel? This should be very interesting. Thanks Kevin!

  2. January 23, 2011 at 7:45 am

    Thanks Kevin this is great I look forward to following along with your choices

  3. JC13
    January 22, 2011 at 11:29 am

    I’m loving Drag the River. Great song!

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