ILSUDH2 Turns 1 Year Old, Thank You.

I Listen So You Don’t Have To has it’s roots in an e-mail distribution list that started out with about 10 people.  When I moved to San Francisco I would send out e-mails to my friends about albums, shows and events that I thought they might be interested in.  I first used the words ‘I Listen So You Don’t Have To’ in an e-mail I sent out to 17 people on Dec. 19th, 2008.  The e-mail contained my Best Albums of 2008 list.

Once in Denver, my distribution list grew to about 30 people.  My updates were sent out monthly throughout 2009.  When it came time to put out my Best of 2009 lists, e-mail just wasn’t the optimal delivery method, so I decided to put up a blog. was registered on Dec. 29th and went public on Dec. 30th, 2009 with my New Artist Discoveries of 2009; a post that was essentially just cut-and-paste photos and bios from artists I had discovered over the year.   Now at 1 year old, the blog it still in it’s infancy by any measure of the term, but I still consider it a success.  A success that grew my audience from 30 to over 20,000 in the past 12 months.

I owe that success to all of you!

By The Numbers:
38,588 Pageviews
21,779 Absolute Unique Visitors
510 Published Posts
160 Facebook Followers
108 Album Recommendations
93 Live Music Experiences
62 Twitter Followers

Visitors (from thousands of Cities in every State and many Countries)
Top States:
#1. Colorado
#2. California
#3. New York
#4. Texas
#5. Illinois

Top Countries:

#1. USA
#2. UK
#3. Canada
#4. South Korea
#5. Germany

Top Posts (by views):
Fun Facts w/ Tom Waits on Bob Dylan’s Radio Show
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Found Stuff:Artist – Sleigh Bells (Brooklyn, NY)

Surprised by Sublime with Rome @ Fillmore, 04/26/10

Mike Cooley Is Even Cooler Than I Thought

Roger Waters The Wall Live in Kansas City

Ryan Adams Goes Metal!

Found Stuff:Artist – Lissie

Social Distortion w/Lucero @ Fillmore, 10/15/10

Watain Bring Lawless Darkness (and Satan) to Denver

In 2011 I plan on changing up a few things.

First off, there will be less Album Recommendations. I want to spend more time with albums before recommending.  Going back over the past year I realize I have recommended a few albums prematurely and these are albums I don’t stand behind anymore.  I also don’t want to saturate my followers.

The Monthly Re-Up posts will no longer continue.  They are too time consuming.  I will now just post a list of good tracks periodically, hopefully in the form of mixtapes if I have time.

Most news will now be posted on Facebook and Twitter only.  The blog will focus on Album Recommendations, New Artists, Show Experiences and upcoming Events.

Denver-based bands will become a new focus as well.  So many artists coming out of Denver these days, from songwriters like  Nathaniel Rateliff to indie pop acts like Tennis to Snake Rattle Rattle Snake to Houses to Gauntlet Hair and electronic acts like Pictureplane and Pretty Lights.   I’m guessing there will be plenty to cover right here locally in the coming year.

Thank you again for a great year and here’s to another one in 2011!

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