Houses News and Your Ghost download

One of the first bands we stumbled across this year at the Westword Music Showcase was Houses. I had seen their name on the marquis quite a few times but had never taken the time to check them out. We only caught the last few songs of their set, but they really peeked the interest of my buddy and brought thoughts of the Black Mountain Army to mind.

Once I got home I found it hard to research this band. Google searches are not easy when a band has such a banal name and it’s even harder when they share that name with an electronic act out of Chicago, an act whom evidently have more press coverage than our local psychedelic revival band.

What I did find was their Spring EP, one of three seasonal EPs that were released in 2009. I played this EP quite a bit and then other interests knocked me off their trail. But now Houses are back with a free single from their 4th seasonal EP, the Winter EP.

Winter EP will serve as the last release under the Houses moniker. It seems that Chicago act was first and don’t want to share the name. The band has yet to announce the new name yet, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be better!

From Houses:
You may believe otherwise, but Houses has been hard at work on the Winter EP (the last of the four seasonally themed EPs) for nearly a year now. Somewhere between twenty and thirty songs have been tried, recorded, and shelved, but it’s finally beginning to take shape, ready for release in early 2011.

To assure you that we have in fact been hard at work, we release to you for free this nearly-finished version of “Your Ghost,” which is slated to make an appearance on the EP. Feel free to download, share, “like,” and otherwise enjoy and pass along this track.

Happy holidays from all of Houses. Come ring in the New Year with us at the Bluebird with Slim Cessna. Otherwise, we hope to see you at many shows next year.

Houses – Your Ghost

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall EPs as available via Houses bandcamp page.