k-os – The Anchorman Mixtape

‘Now if you don’t think this song is the greatest song ever, I will fight you.  That’s no lie.’  – Ron Burgundy

The best thing about the end-of-year lists isn’t finding out where everyone decided to place the new Arcade Fire, Kanye or Deerhunter or to hear people bitch that their favorite album didn’t make the cut.  The best thing is discovering what you missed throughout the year.  The Anchorman Mixtape from Canadian rapper k-os is the first release I realize I slept on this year.  k-os, whom I first discovered when he collaborated with Broken Social Scene on their self-titled third release, has stated he is done recording traditional albums and will be releasing his material in the nonrestrictive mixtape format.   And if the Ron Burgundy narrated release is any indication of what’s to come…more power to him!

Download as a zip file here.