Belle & Sebastian – Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

Belle & Sebastian – Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

There are times when I hate the Internet and the unlimited amount of music that is accessible here.  I miss the days of riding my bike down to the record store on Tuesdays and going through the arduous process of determining which album/tape/CD I should buy with the limited cash in my pocket.  Whatever decision was made, I would play that album over and over and over again…really immerse myself in it.  But now that I have access to every album released every week, cash isn’t the limiting factor anymore, it’s time.

Lately I have spent a little time with new releases from a lot of artists I really respect and have moved on for lack of time.  If an album doesn’t grab me right away, I delete from the playlist and on to the next.  I did this recently with new releases from Antony & The Johnsons, Deerhunter, The Walkmen, No Age and Belle & Sebastian.

This week I have decided to slow things down and really give these albums the attention they deserve and the payoff has already started with Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.  Another great collection if indie pop songs from Scottish masters.

Belle & Sebastian Calculating Bimbo


Clash Music 9/10

Pop Matters 9/10

Paste 7.9