Perfume Genius – Learning

Perfume Genius – Learning

There have been many releases over the past month or so that I was really looking forward to and they all disappointed.  One by one they fell off my playlist.  But this Perfume Genius album always made the cut.  A simple sounding lo-fi recording by a guy with a fragile, almost-Sufjan Stevens voice that I had never heard of.

Something about the songs appealed to me, but I know now I wasn’t paying much attention.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and put Learning on headphones.  Wow, this is some disturbing stuff.  These arn’t simple little basement recordings; this is a man pouring out his deepest, darkest secrets to the world.  Various types of abuse, suicide, incest…they are all here.  Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius is exorcising some demons on this record and even though sometimes you just want to turn it off and forget you heard what he’s said, you can’t.  It’s like the fatal car accident you pass on the highway and can’t help but slow down to look at.

I can’t say I love this album, but I am impressed.  I am sure some of you will not be into it, but I am impressed that for a few weeks Hadreas tricked me into thinking I was listening to a simple lo-fi album of catchy songs and then presenting something that make Mountain Goats look like shiny, happy music.

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