How To Dress Well – Love Remains

How To Dress Well – Love Remains

Tom Krell from New York also lives in Germany.  He also goes by the name How To Dress Well and has put out an EP, a R. Kelly tribute to his best friend and a full length album of his lo-fi R&B stylings.  I have been listening to HTDW since the singles started trickling out and I have been torn.  Do I like this stuff?  Is it too lo-fi? Can I get past the distortion and appreciate the music behind it?  Will I come around like I did with Sleigh Bells or give up like I did with Wavves?

Well, it took that R. Kelly video to bring me around and help me understand the talent this guy possesses.  And even though this album would rate much higher if it weren’t for the distortion, I can’t help but be drawn into the treasures buried behind it.

How To Dress WellReady For The World


Pitchfork 8.7

Sputnik 4.5/5

Ragged Words