New Voice of Veritas Artist Collective: Jonathan Combs

Veritas Artist Collective…if you don’t know about it, educate yourself!  This is an amazing group of people doing great work across the country and around the world.  I could write a short story about Veritas, but there has been enough written about it by people who know better than I. Please check out the links below when you get a chance.

What I want to share with you today is music from the newest addition to the collective, Jonathan Combs.   My friend and Veritas co-founder, Ty Clark, introduced me to Jonathan in the form of a free EP that I downloaded last week.  Technicolor EP is a great introduction to this up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, TX.  But to get the full emotional feel of his work, you have to check out this video Ty filmed near Crater Lake in Oregon on the current Veritas Road Tour.

Download the EP here:

More info on Jonathan Combs:

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Veritas Intro

More info on Veritas:

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