FUN FUN FUN’s FUN FUN FUN Line-Up Revealed!

My favorite fun, fun, fun fest of the year is on!  Dates are set, tickets are onsale and line-up revealed.  Once again the 2 day (plus new opening night with Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic) festival will take place in Waterloo Park in Austin, TX Nov. 6th & 7th and will include an amazing, unique mix of indie rock, metal, punk, hip-hop, electronic, comedy and everything in between.

2009 was my first year attending this event and it was by far the best planned, best organized and best executed music festival I have ever been to.  The crowds were small so you could get right up to the stage if you wanted.  There were no lines for bathrooms or drinks.  The stages were just close enough together to catch all your favorite acts, but far enough away to not interfere with each other.  And the acts were amazingly diverse.  Fun Fun Fun has an amazing habit of booking current acts you know you want to see along with acts from the past that you forgot (or didn’t know) you wanted to see!

This year I’m looking forward to seeing Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Religion for the first time in well over a decade, seeing Slick Rick (perform The Great Adventures Of…), Devo and Weird ‘Al’ for the first time. P.O.S., The Hold Steady, Deerhunter, Mastodon, Best Coast, Kylesa and MGMT.  As well as discovering new acts I didn’t know about.

If you can make it, I highly recommend this alternative to ACL and SXSW.  Get down to Austin this November!

Some shots from last year:

Crystal Antlers

Shonen Knife

The Sword


Fucked Up


Atlas Sound



Gorilla Biscuits

Crystal Castles