Eminem – Recovery

Eminem – Recovery

This is a case of ‘they listened so I had to’.  Over the past week I’ve had 4 people tell me how good this album is.  This album that the critics have been ripping apart.  This album that follows one of the worst hip-hop albums I’ve ever heard, Relapse.  This album from a rapper that used to be great; a rapper I wrote off half a decade ago.

I called it in 2003.  Eminem was on top of his game when he released The Eminem Show and I was one of his biggest fans.  I loved what he was doing for mainstream hip-hop.  But I predicted the fall.  I told my roommate at the time that his next album would flop.  And it did.  Encore wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t hold a candle to the triology that came before.

Then Eminem was gone and I didn’t miss him.  And when he came back last year with Relapse I wished he would have stayed gone.  He could have just left us with the fond memories (and nightmares).  But he came back and sounded like something from the past.  The new material instantly sounded dated.

So when Recovery came out, I gave it one very biased listen and deleted it from my playlist.  But with a little help from my friends (and family) I have come back around and am really feeling this extremely self-aware release. Em starts out apologetic for letting his fans down and then goes on to prove why he’s still relavent.

Let’s all give the sober Mr. Mathers another chance.

Eminem – Not Afraid (no mp3 per artist request)


Absolute Punk 87%

A.V. Club B

NY Times

and just for fun Pitchfork 2.8