The Sublime Style came straight to Red Rocks

If you want a true review of a Sublime with Rome show, check out my review from The Fillmore in April…last night at Red Rocks was essentially the same show.

That being said, last night was a lot more fun.  And how could it not be?  Red Rocks vs. The Fillmore…c’mon now!

My buddy and I showed up early and felt like the old guys at the show.  The place was crawling with teenagers.  I couldn’t figure this out at first, but once Dirty Heads took the stage I understood.  This reggae rock band from Huntington Beach wear their 311 and Pepper influences on their sleeve and they have a huge, young following.  When asked how many ‘dirty heads’ were in the crowd about 4,000 tween/teenage hands went up in the air!  I do wonder how many of these fans recognized Paint It Black as a Rolling Stones cover.  But after a few beers they were fun.  I will probably never listen to them again, but fun just the same.

Dirty Heads

Matisyahu was up next.  I first heard about him about 4 or 5 years ago and figured the novelty (he’s a Hasidic Jew reggae singer) would wear off quickly.  Not being a reggae fan myself, I never really followed him.  But damn if he didn’t bring it last night.  The guy started out a little slow but by the end he was on fire!  The venue was pretty full by this point and everyone was on their feet.  I don’t think there was a single soul standing still by the time he ended his set.


By the time Sublime took the stage we had found our way from our seats in row 31 to someone else’s seats in row 8.  Since everyone was standing, we just kinda made our way up.  At first I was worried we would be pissing people off, but we picked the right crew to infringe on!  A group of diverse friends from Capital Hill.  A girl that grew up in a small town in Maui called Kiehi (where I watch most of the 2004 World Cup at my buddy’s house after traveling through Asia), a girl who might have drank a little too much from Saskatchewan (who agreed with me that Red Rocks is better than The Gorge even if her friend did not agree), a guy who lived in San Diego and San Francisco who had also seen Sublime back in the day and another guy, Mark/Ryan, who didn’t really appreciate us crowding his space.  Overall, really good group of people who’s conversation made the night even better.

Capitol Hill Crew w/Cary

Sublime performed another great set with all the favorites as well as a couple new songs.


Rome seemed a little amazed to be playing THIS stage,  but he held his own and didn’t miss a beat…even when the crowd seemed to lose interest during some of the new material.


The night ended with a sing-along version of Santeria at just about midnight on 7/11…which just happened to be my buddy’s birthday.  Great ending to the show and great start to a birthday!

So overall, the same show as a few months ago with the exception of some good openers and being at an amazing venue on an beautiful night.

Sublime @ Fillmore

  3 comments for “The Sublime Style came straight to Red Rocks

  1. July 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Obviously I was making generalizations when talking about the age of Dirty Heads crowd and based on both your responses I will check out their recorded material. The reason I said I probably wouldn’t listen to them again is nothing against them, I’m just not that into that type of music anymore. I still love Sublime and I am going to see 311 in a couple weeks, but it’s more for nostalgic reasons…those were my two favorite bands back in ’94. That being said, it’s good to see that these bands’ influence has lived on and that they still have such a great following. I’m sure Bradley would be stoked if he would have lived to see it.

  2. jen
    July 11, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    You’ll never listen to the Dirty Heads again? Really?
    I’m a Sublime fan from the beginning & the Dirty Heads are amazing. Listen to them again.

  3. bb
    July 11, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Strange that you are not a reggae fan, but attended this concert?? The Dirty Heads are amazing and their fans are quite diverse. Many of their fans are on the other side of the tween age group. I know lots of people in their twenties, thirties, forties and beyond who love DH. As far as their influences, yes to 311, but Pepper? No, not at all. Beastie Boys, Sublime – Yes.

    Glad you went to the concert and had a great time, but suggest you try another listen to these guys. Their music is awesome and touches a lot of people. You may just change your mind.


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