What I Remember About Westword Music Showcase

Last year I got a group of people to go down to the Golden Triangle for the Westword Music Showcase because I wanted to see Built To Spill.  When we got down there the rain was so bad we went into the first bar we saw and never left.  We didn’t see any live music that day.

This year was a whole different scene.  The sun was shining, we saw a lot of music, met a lot of people and we drank a lot!  11,000 tickets were sold (sold-out) and there were people everywhere!  At the main stage, in the various bars, on the rooftops and on the streets.  The vibe was amazing.  I probably talked to 50 people throughout the day and everyone was in such a good mood.

Lilly Scott w/Varlet @ Main Stage

The crowd was as diverse as the bands.  We saw people in their 50’s watching stoner metal (Kingdom of Magic) at Broadway’s, hipster indie kids at a DJ set (DJ Chonz) on Vinyl Rooftop and parents with their kids watching American Idol contestant, Lilly Scott, with her band Varlet.  We saw an impressive set from psychedelic rockers Houses at Bar Standard and followed some new friends to Chique to see the Sublime-influenced P-Nuckle (not really impressed).  After watching the first half of Dirty Projectors set (which was what I expected; like it when the girls sing, not so much when Dave does) we went with some other friends to Sutra to check out The Knew put on a pretty good straight up rock set.  Saw Neon Indian on the main stage.  Also saw  Frontside Five‘s punk performance at the Bannock Street Garage, which was a highlight.

Neon Indian @ Main Stage

All these bands, all these bars, and all those beers and cocktails made for a great day…but by the time Superchunk took the main stage I was beat and buzzed…oh who am I kidding, I was drunk.  And in that altered state, I really enjoyed their set.  I was never really into them in the 90’s, but will definitely check out some of their stuff now.

We didn’t stick around for Ghostland Observatory.  We went to meet up with some other friends and ended up bar hopping the rest of the night.  I don’t know how I last until 2:00am, or if that was even a good idea, but from what I remember I had a great day and night and am looking forward to doing it again next year…as long as the weather can hold out!

Dirty Projectors @ Main Stage

Dirty Projectors @ Main Stage

Superchunk @ Main Stage

Klaw @ Bar Standard Patio

Frontside Five @ Bannock Street Garage

Superchunk Setlist:
Detroit Has A Skyline
Digging For Something
Seed Toss
Hello Hawk
Punch Me Harder
Art Class
Like A Fool
Iron On
Nu Bruises
Learned to Surf
Driveway to Driveway
The First Part
Slack Motherfucker
Percision Auto

Dirty Projectors Setlist:
Robert Adams/New Topographics Dedication
I Will Truck
No Intention
Knotty Pine
Fucked For Life
Temecula Sunrise
Cannibal Resource
Remade Horizon
Imagine It
Stillness Is The Move
Useful Chamber

Dirty ProjectorsStillness Is The Move

Neon IndianDeadbeat Summer

Superchunk Misfits & Mistakes