Black Sheep Are Back. Remember Them?

Black Sheep are back and releasing a new album, From the Black Pool of Genius, on June 29th.  Remember Black Sheep?  I sure do.  A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is one of those albums I could go 10 years without listening to, but still know every word to every song.  It was the shit in 1991!

But I couldn’t tell you what they did after that album.  According to AllMusic, they put out a second album in 1994 and a third in 2006?  Hmmm, somehow missed that.

Birds of a Feather is the first single on this new album and it includes other Native Tongues members, which makes it much more interesting.  Q-Tip, Dave (aka Plug 2) from De La Soul and the Jungle BrothersMike Gee are all on the track.

Gotta say I did not think I’d be writing those names when I woke up today.

Black Sheep – Birds of a Feather

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