Delorean – Subiza

I will no longer be writing album reviews. Instead, I will be posting album recommendations with links to a few reviews that I agree with. There are just so many reviews out there and I can’t spend the time anymore.

Delorean – Subiza

Usually I don’t even give albums like this a chance.  Just not into the euro-dance take on indie electronic music.  But I saw these guys open for Miike Snow and they were impressive; there wasn’t a single laptop on stage.

DeloreanStay Close (Sun Airway Remix)


Pitchfork 8.4

CoS 3.5/5

Sputnik 3.5/5

  2 comments for “Delorean – Subiza

  1. Tin
    May 12, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Not a laptop but they use massive amounts of backing tracks and all sorts of pre recorded stuff 🙁
    I really do like em! But they need to get rid of that shit and play for real.

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