FoundStuff: Artist – Cults

Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion are Cults.  A San Diego by way of New York duo that are making 50s throwback pop music. They have yet to release an album, but Gorilla vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck have put out a limited press 7″ single as on their Forest Family label.  This single includes Go Outside and Most Wanted; two of the three songs that are floating around the Internet.

There are been quite a few bands with 50’s meets 80’s influences lately, but Cults are doing it the best.  Their DIY aesthetics and lo-fi sounds are sure to attract hispters from around the world, but I have a feeling they might break out of that culture and bring this sound to the masses.

Check out their 3 tracks below.

Go Outside

Most Wanted

The Curse