The Morning Benders – Big Echo

The Morning Benders piss me off.  The same way Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and more recently, Local Natives piss me off.  They piss me off because I like them.  I like them and I don’t know why!

All the above bands have been hyped by critics and blogs alike.  They have all received an 8.0 or above by Pitchfork.  And they all put out pretty good music.  But my problem is I hear this hype and then I hear the band and I think….“huh?” It’s just that there is nothing exciting about these bands on the first or even second listen.  But gradually I start to come around.  I don’t know if I agree that any of these bands are doing anything unique or groundbreaking, but I do agree they are fun to listen to.

Big Echo took me awhile.  I think because I had heard Promises and really liked it, and at first the rest of the album did not live up to that track.  Also, I saw these kids at SXSW and that’s just what they were…kids.  I did not expect them to be so young (or Asian for that matter).  But more importantly they did not move me with their live performance.  They did not live up to what I had heard about them.  But when I got home, I downloaded the album anyway.  I listened a couple times and really just liked Promises.

But tonight, while cleaning my basement, I put it on again just because it was there.  And then I played it again.  Now I’m really digging this album.  I still can’t picture those kids making this music…and I don’t think it’s incredible.  But it’s fun indie pop and it’s a solid release.  And they do have a cool name!

I realize this is not really a review of the music on this album, so just check it out for yourself.  But give it at least 4 listens.