Retribution Gospel Choir @ Larimer Lounge, 04/17/10

Larimer Lounge is one of my favorite spots in Denver.  It’s the one venue that really reminds me of being back in San Francisco.  Last night was no exception.  After a successful vinyl shopping spree for Record Store Day we went to dinner and bowling with some friends and then I hit Larimer.  That’s one of the great things about the venue, they post set times on their website and headliners rarely hit the stage before midnight.

Last night Retribution Gospel Choir came on about 12:05.  I have never seen Low and was looking forward to finally seeing Alan Sparhawk up close and personal, which was pretty easy since there were only about 50 people in the crowd.  I had heard from fellow shoppers  in record store lines throughout the day that these guys were great live and they did not disappoint…at least not with their performance.

Every song rocked and Alan even played the guitar with his mouth and cracked a few jokes about John Mayer.  The only problem was that as soon as the show really got going…it was over.  A 50 minute set with no encore!  I had to take a cab home and felt that maybe I had wasted my time by heading down there.  Today I feel a little better about my choice…but c’mon guys!  After seeing Lucero played for 2 hours straight, 50 minutes seems quite weak!