Mike Cooley Is Even Cooler Than I Thought

Drive-By Truckers songwriter and guitarist Mike Cooley does not have a solo album and from what I hear, he has no desire to release one.  But on Record Store Day he released a piece of ‘high art’. Originally this was going to be released as The Stroker Ace, but it ended up being labeled Drive-By Truckers.  The vinyl release has two songs.

The A-side is the title track, Your Woman Is A Livin’ Thing…and this is the track you HAVE to hear!  Cooley never seemed like a funny guy to me (although some of his lyrics are pretty hysterical) but now I know he has an amazing sense of humour.  This song compares women to chickens and warns that just because you put some beans and rice alongside your woman, that don’t mean she ain’t a living thing.  Believe me, you have to hear this thing to believe it!  Looking over the credits it seems the whole DBT crew performs on this song…but it’s Cooley‘s show!

The B-side is Just Maybe.  A song from a man to a woman, asking her to take the day off work and come back and have sex all day.  An ok track, but it falls a little flat after the genius of the A-side!

Almost everybody I met in the record store yesterday was looking for this single…hopefully you got one.  And if not, I hope for your sake the track ends up on blog somewhere.