Beach House @ Bluebird, 04/07/10

Teen Dream is the first Beach House album I have been able to get into.  And I really, really like it.  It’s a dream pop album that plays over and over again in my head when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.  But seeing them live is something I wasn’t sure I needed to do.  I figured listening in my headphones would be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience than seeing Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally recreate this nocturnal drama on stage.

But then the Passion Pit show sold-out at the Ogden and The Morning Benders were scheduled to play Hi-Dive and I thought it would be the perfect night to see Beach House at the Bluebird. With most people being at the Ogden and the stragglers over at Hi-Dive, it would be the perfect night to bring my wife to see a intimate show by the duo from Baltimore.

Well, I was right and wrong.  I was right that my wife would like it, she enjoyed the show much more than I.  But I was wrong about the intimate part…The Bluebird was sold-out!   It actually makes me pretty proud that Denver can draw crowds to 3 indie pop shows in 1 night, but it was a little hard to listen to Beach House live when I couldn’t even see them over the crowd.

That being said, they sounded great live (except for some feedback issues) and the show got over pretty early, so it didn’t make for a long night.  The duo was a trio on stage and they performed every song from Teen Dream along with a few from Devotion and one or two from their self-titled debut.

Overall, it was a nice hour or two and I’m glad my wife enjoyed it, but not a band I would recommend seeing live unless you have a nice comfortable seat to sit in and a nice cold drink in hand.