Derailed: Fat Mike Pisses People Off @ SXSW

This post if Derailed in more than one way!

Did Fat Mike of NOFX serve his own urine to fans at Emo’s in Austin, TX during SXSW?  Some people are saying this is so.

The aging punk performed solo as Cokie The Clown during the festival.  I ran into a guy in a bar when I was in Austin that mentioned he had met Mike earlier in the day and he said that his solo performance ‘would not be what you’d expect’.  Well, I guess not.  Who would have expected being served free Patron shots and then shown a video of Mike pissing into the Patron bottle before the show.

It seems this is not a hoax and he confirmed it to TMZ.

Well, I guess it’s a pretty punk thing to do…but I’d have to say he’s gone off the deep end.

NOFX were a great band back in the day, but they haven’t released anything worth listening to in over a decade.  I guess Mike is just looking for attention.  Well, he’s got it.