SXSW, Saturday Night (through tweets and pics)

Change of pace. Blue Dahlia Bistro for dinner then Music for the City. 5:19 PM Mar 20th

Music For the City…kinda what SXSW is all about 6:18 PM Mar 20th

Jordan Made me fall in love 7:01 PM Mar 20th

Great local music showcase…back into the chaos one last time 8:22 PM Mar 20th

Was on our way home. Back at Stubbs. 8:36 PM Mar 20th

The Drums. Fun but didn’t catch enough to have an opinon. 8:45 PM Mar 20th

Circa Survive? Ok. I’m feelin it 9:12 PM Mar 20th

Want to see Lissie. Stand in line to get into a place to stand in line to get into a place 9:30 PM Mar 20th

Lissie covering metallics nothing else matters. Wow! 9:51 PM Mar 20th

This girl is my SXSW find 10:02 PM Mar 20th

Scissor Sisters disturbed me in London but now I’m prepared 10:14 PM Mar 20th

They freak me out a bit…but they are fun 10:28 PM Mar 20th

Oh my god, 3 hours sleep, in a cab to airport. about 19 hours ago