SXSW, Thursday (through tweets and pics)

Lawn Party at French Legation. Sunny day. Great spot. 10:09 AM Mar 18th

Just met Peter from Antlers. Nice guy. 11:03 AM Mar 18th

Califone is in stage…think they are going to kill the soundguy. 11:13 AM Mar 18th

Can’t beat a party where beer is free but you pay for water. 11:47 AM Mar 18th

Antlers start a half hour late after shitty soundcheck! 12:37 PM Mar 18th

Over at Eastbound & Found. Warpaint are fun chicks! 1:32 PM Mar 18th

Did not know The Morning Benders were mostly Asian kids. 2:03 PM Mar 18th

once again..a fan of The Middle East. 3:29 PM Mar 18th

The Middle East have been highlight of the day 3:42 PM Mar 18th