SXSW, Saturday (through tweets and pics)

Sleeping in was nice. Gonna try to get into Rachael rays party now 9:55 AM Mar 20th

In line at Stubbs. Windy and cold today 10:06 AM Mar 20th

At capacity…letting in as people leave. We are about 50th 10:35 AM Mar 20th

Gonna miss Local Natives for sure 🙁 10:35 AM Mar 20th

No guns or umbrellas 10:39 AM Mar 20th

Cringe with bob scheider..and I think blues traveler 11:01 AM Mar 20th

Free food boooze and bands..and the girl herself rockin out…I’m a fan 11:18 AM Mar 20th

It’s time to party!!! Andrew w.k!!! 11:36 AM Mar 20th

Andrews warmin shit up on this cold day!! 11:57 AM Mar 20th

Jakob Dylan sounds so much better than his dad live!9 12:34 PM Mar 20th

She’s happy seeing She & Him 1:45 PM Mar 20th

4:30. Countless bloody marys. No food. Time to eat! 2:25 PM Mar 20th

Bull McCabe for beer and a shot after shovling down a dog from dog king 2:41 PM Mar 20th

Fucked Up killin it !!!! 4:14 PM Mar 20th