SXSW, Friday (through tweets and pics)

Let’s do it again! In line for the cedar street throwdown. 8:44 AM Mar 19th

Nneka is amazing! 10:08 AM Mar 19th

Hear Ya…behind Beauty Bar. 11:16 AM Mar 19th

Lissie’s onstage. Looking forward to seeing her again. 11:28 AM Mar 19th

Girl had insane talent!!! Even over the punk rock from across the way 11:53 AM Mar 19th

Joe Pug…finally seeing him. He’s good, but not really into it. 12:25 PM Mar 19th

Just met Ben Nichols of Lucero. 1:12 PM Mar 19th

Ben Nichols has the best 2 pack a day voice! Glad we got back in here! 1:41 PM Mar 19th

Mowhawk. Frightened Rabbit up next! 2:11 PM Mar 19th

Love some Frightened Rabbit! 3:03 PM Mar 19th

Courtney aka Hole is rocking Stubbs.could hear when walking by 3:35 PM Mar 19th

Just saw Mel from FOTC 3:41 PM Mar 19th

You could say we are feeling Sleigh Bells! Damn! BASS!!! 4:11 PM Mar 19th

Maria Maria for dinner then off to Ale House. 6:59 PM Mar 19th

At Shakespeares watching some band 8:40 PM Mar 19th

Doublethink..destroyed their equipment 8:48 PM Mar 19th

Heading to south congress and out of the scene for the night 10:06 PM Mar 19th

Congress was shut down..where’s my happy medium? 10:45 PM Mar 19th

I’m so tired it hurts. Goodnight Austin. btw, plan on sleeping in manana. Make sure rain is done by the time I get up and out. 11:29 PM Mar 19th