Band of Horses @ Fox Theatre, 03/15/10

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since Band of Horses hit the scene with Everything All The Time?  Can you believe it’s been well over 2 years since they released their sophomore (and latest) release, Cease to Begin?  I still think of them as a new band, yet it’s been close to 3 years since I saw them live for the first time at the Metro in Chicago.

My Decade:Zero pick, Band of Horses,  are back and they kicked off their new tour in Boulder last night.  The Fox Theatre was supposed to be sold out (people were getting $50-100 a ticket on craigslist), but they did release a limited amount of tickets at the door.  The fact that they were selling tickets for $27 made me happy I only paid $30 for mine!

The show was amazing!  They mixed favorites from both albums with a good amount of new songs from their forthcoming Infinite Arms (out May 18th).  The crowd was a little mellow for my taste, even during the real rockin’ parts…but the vibe was definitely a positive one.

The sound at The Fox was great as usual, and the band played to a rotating backdrop of nature scenes such as mountains, deer and skylines mixed in with concert and tour footage…some of which showed Ben Bridwell’s burly beard, which has since been shaved off.  The only reason I would say The Metro show in ’07 was better for me is because the songs were fresh and I knew them all…I always love hearing new material, but it’s just not as exciting as hearing the songs you love.  That being said, it helps when the new songs are awesome…and these were!  Especially the 2nd song that is as of yet untitled, but showed up on the setlist as Factory.

Great night, great show, great last minute decision…looking forward to the new album!

Setlist Below.