Just A Track: Bright Eyes – Happy Accident

Bright Eyes is back!  Kinda.  Conor Oberst has been recording under his own name for awhile now.  He went down to Mexico and got himself a band and put away the Bright Eyes name.  This made sense since it seems that band was more an outlet for his teenage angst.

Then he really grew up and went on to form Monsters of Folk with M. Ward and Jim James.

But Conor is back with a few Bright Eyes songs for the reissue of 2004’s One Jug of Wine, Two Vessel six-song split with Neva Dinova.  This reissue will include 4 news songs, including Happy Accident.

Good to have ya back Bright Eyes…even if you do just sound like Conor.

Bright Eyes – Happy Accident (via Stereogum)