Sublime Reunited?!!!

When I first saw this headline I could not wait to write a scathing report about Eric and Bud‘s blasphemous money grab…how the hell could Sublime be Sublime without Bradley?  That’s just stupid!

Full disclosure, I am a self-proclaimed Sublime expert.  I had a demo tape of 40 Oz. to Freedom before Lou’s Records had even heard of them, I saw them perform live countless times, my first tattoo was based on the sun from the 40Oz. cover and I hung out with the band in various cities in SoCal.  And I can tell you, Brad Nowell WAS Sublime.  As fucked up as he was most of the time, the band was nothing without him.

That being said, when I went to the new website, the first headline I saw was:

This band will never be the same, but with a new member the vibe is pretty terrific.

Ok, well, that’s cool then.  They are just getting out, having some fun and admitting they arn’t REALLY Sublime.  And the more I think about it, they deserve the money.  Bradley left them way to soon.  He traded the band and his family for his junk problem.  Just because he threw it all away, doesn’t mean Eric and Bud should starve.

So after some internal struggle (ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic), I support this.  May even be fun to check out.  Let’s see what this guy Rome Ramirez can do.  I did just see an amazing Alice in Chains show last week…so who knows what can happen!

6 Stop Tour:

April 20 The Palladium Los Angeles, CA
April 23 Fox Theatre Oakland, CA
April 26 The Fillmore Denver, CO
April 28 The Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL
May 1 Roseland Ballroom New York, NY
May 5 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

Tickets (via sublimewithrome)

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  1. DLabbs
    March 4, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    We’re going to this! You’re right the way the put their cards on the table buys them a lot of good will. I bet they’ll bring their game!!!

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