Just a Track: Xiu Xiu – Gray Death

“…this sopping wet towel of stupidity”

This experimental band from my birthplace, San Jose, CA, always take things too far.  Out of their 10 or so albums,  2006’s The Air Force is the only album I can listen to all the way through.  I can’t explain how they take it too far, but checking out the cover of their Promise album (at your own risk), might explain what I’m talking about.

The new album, Dear God, I Hate Myself, started out great!  I thought this could be the one I could get people to talk about.  But after the first couple songs, it goes down a noisy, chaotic, messy trip that I just can’t follow.  Maybe I’m just not on the right drugs.

That being said, the album opener, Gray Death, is excellent!  The lyrics are disturbing, in true Xiu Xiu fashion, but the song is catchy and will have you hooked and singing along with the chorus of  “beat, beat me to death…I said it” in no time at all!

Xiu Xiu – Gray Death (via Stereogum)