Wild Beasts @ The Independent, 02/11/10

Wild Beasts have been hyped for awhile.  I tried and tried to get into them and I just couldn’t do it.  The high falsettos were like an icepick being driven into my brain.  I listened to each album a few times and moved on.  But then I had friends start raving about them.  And not just any friends; these are friends who have introduced me to bands such as The Antlers, Drive-By Truckers and Broken Social Scene.  I trust their opinion.

Because I trust their opinion, I joined them at the Wild Beasts show at The Independent in San Francisco last week.  We got right up to the stage and were there for the whole set.  First thing I noticed were that these guys were British.  Should have known that.  The next bombshell was that there were 2 lead singers.  This made a lot of sense and explained the different sounds on some songs.

As much as I can’t stand the falsettos on my ipod, I kinda liked them live.  In fact, they sounded pretty good in contrast to the deeper parts.  I have to admit I really enjoyed this show.  They were entertaining, sounded great and were very appreciative of the crowd.  Their recorded work will never be top on my playlists, but I can highly recommend their live show.