Mike Cooley Solo Project for Record Store Day

Drive-By Truckers have so much talent, it’s insane.  The band employs 3 singer-songwriters, and they are all amazing in their unique way.  Pattersoon Hood is definitely the ring leader and has a couple solo albums under his belt, Jason Isbell actually went solo (his ex-wife, bassist, Shonna, is now the 3rd) and released a couple great albums.  Mike Cooley, whom in my opinion is the most talented of the bunch, has yet to release any solo material.

That will change on Record Store Day when Cooley will release a piece of ‘high art’ as The Stroker Ace.

“It’s not an album, it’s not a full-length record. It’s not even an EP,” he says. “There’s no way I can describe it. You’ll think I’m fucking with you if I start describing it. You’ll just have to see. The only thing I’ll tell you is this – it’s high art.”

Looking forward to this!